• Prologue



    The day started like every other day. Rylan headed out the door for work and 

    Heaven prepared some breakfast for her and Kyle. It was a big day for both of 

    them. It was their first day back to school. Summer break was over, and it 

    is their last year, Senior year.



    Heaven broke the silence

    - How are your waffles?

    - Good

    - Great. I left some clean clothes on your bed. I finished them

    up this morning.

    They finished up breakfast, and changed for school. Then waited for

    the elevator.


    Heaven heard a thud behind her. She looked down as a grin played 

    a crossed her face. She knew that sound all too well.

    - Watch your step silly.

    - 'm really not ready for today...


    They started their walk but Kyle had other plans.

    - Hey Heaven, I am going to take a different way if you do not mind.

    I kind of want to walk a lone today. I'm sorry

    - Well alright. You OK? You sure you don't want the company.

    - I'm sure, thanks anyways.


    Kyle made his way to the park. He had no intentions of going to school today.

    He just didn't want his sister to know. He wanted to enjoy the day while

    he could.


    Kyle watched and waited as the kids passed by making their way to school.

    He noticed one individual on a skateboard, who looked slightly out of

    place. He didn't know everyone at school, but he could recognize them

    as he saw them. This guy he didn't.


    Kyle could not help but stare for a moment before turning away, hoping the

    kid didn't notice.


    He sat on the ground in the shade and pulled out his notebook to write down

    some lyrics that had been stuck in his head. He couldn't wait to share some of

    his ideas with Dennis and Cody. Time passed on, faster than he expected.


    He tried to make it home before Heaven. He went to his room and collapsed

    on his bed, but too late, Heaven was home and in his room.

    - Ms Thomas said you weren't in class today. What happened? 

    Where were you all day?

    - Heaven, please, I'm not in the mood to hear about it right now.

    - You better hope dad doesn't find out.

    - Why? What much is he going to do about it? He probably wouldn't

    even be home for the phone call, so who cares?

    - Fine, I brought some homework home for you. Of all days, I can't believe

    you skipped the first day of school, Kyle.



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