• Chapter 1 

    Kyle tried to slip into class unnoticed. He saw  an empty seat next to the new kid. He

    was glad to see they had a class together. As he made his way to his seat he heard

    the voice of Ms Thomas.

    - Mr. Grady. What happened to you yesterday?

    - I was sick.

    - You know you are suppose have your parent call or bring a note. I do not want

    a repeat of last year or I will be forced to call your father.

    - Yes ma'am, I understand.

    - Good, you may take your seat then.

    Chapter 1 

    Ms Thomas tested the kids every morning to make sure they understood the day before.

    Kyle sat down to work on his test and glanced over at the kid to see what he was writing,

    hoping he had the right answers.

    Chapter 1 

    When the class ended the halls were busy with kids making it to their next class.

    Kyle snuck into the bathroom, he wanted a quick cigarette before class. To his

    surprise the new guy was in there and spraying the wall. Kyle was fascinated by

    this kid. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He leaned against the sink and

    lit his cigarette.

    - What are you doing?

    The kid never took his eyes off the wall.

    - Well, some people call it defacing school property. I call it art.

    - Right. Thanks for the help with some of the answers today. I wasn't too sure of


    - You mean the answers you stole? Maybe try showing up to class, it's not hard.

    He finished the wall and stood there a moment admiring his work.

    - You have an extra smoke?

    Chapter 1 

    Kyle pulled out another cigarette and lit it for him. He watch his mouth as he pulled on 

    the cigarette.

    - What?

    - Nothing. What's your name?

    - Alec

    - I'm......

    Alec said it before Kyle could finish

    - Kyle. I know. Heard it earlier.

    Chapter 1


    Kyle could tell from his accent that he wasn't from here.

    - So Alec, where are you from?

    - Paris

    - Paris? Really?  And you came here?

    - Yeah, with my mother. I've been here through the summer.

    - and your dad?

    - Just my mom. He stayed back. They aren't together anymore.

    - I see. yeah same with mine. Well, Cody, Dennis, and I usually hang at the Diner

    maybe we can show you around a little, if you are free after school.

    - Maybe..

    There was something intriguing about this guy. Kyle really liked him, almost love

    at first sight and he really wants to get to know him better, but he knows he has to 

    be really careful.


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